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Space Technology Partnerships -- Why Dishon Limited?

Dishon Limited's numerous space technology partnerships testify not just to our precision machining capabilities, but also to our reputation as a premier satellite component manufacturer, and to the trust our partners place in us. When it comes to developing satellite components and assemblies, they know that we:

  • Have already contributed to many high-end Satellite launches.

  • Produce the most dimensionally demanding components required by the space satellite industry.

  • Guarantee the integrity of our manufactured items and assemblies.

  • Have demonstrated reliability, producing on time and on budget for major space technology projects such as the International Space Station, the Phoenix Mars Lander, and the space shuttle arm (Canadarm).

  • Build satellite components that support both Ka and Ku Band (horns, diplexers, OMTs)

  • Provide seamless logistical control

Satellite Components, Space Technology

Dishon Limited builds satellite assemblies, missile components, and other space technology components and assemblies in collaboration with our aerospace partners. Of course, precision machining is a requirement for any CNC shop serving the space technology market, but it's just the beginning.

Our commitment to continuous improvement means that we do not take success for granted. We work continuously to earn the trust and commitment of our space technology partners, so they know we will continue to provide high quality satellite components and missile components, on time and on budget.

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