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Multitasking Machinery, 5-Axis Machining and More

Dishon Limited's multitasking machinery and 5-axis machining provide the advanced capabilities that ensure your components are manufactured and assembled to your specifications on time and on budget. Multitasking allows us to focus on total time, rather than cycle time. In the spirit of continuous improvement, all additions to our capabilities are judged by how they allow us to reduce the total time it takes to manufacture a component.

  • DMU50 EVO 5-Axis
  • GMX 200 Multi-Tasking
  • Integrex 1004ST Multi-Tasking
  • Zeiss Scanning CMM Contura G2

EDM Machining

Dishon Limited uses the following machines
for EDM manufacturing:

  • Makino Sink Edge3
  • Makino Sink EDNC
  • Mitsubishi Wire 110HA. 4 axis, 12x17
  • Mitsubishi Wire 220HA. 4 axis, 16x30 
  • Makino Sink Edge2. 25x25x16

CNC Turning

Dishon Limited use the following CNC lathes:

  • Mori  NL2500
  • Samsung PL35-1500. 18d.x60 
  • Mazak Quick Turn 28. 13d.x40
  • Hyundai Hit185. 10d.x35
  • Miyano BND34s. 1 5/8 Bar Feeder 
  • Citizen Cincom B20. 5/8 Bar Feeder


Horizontal CNC Machining

Dishon Limited uses the following horizontal milling machines:

  • Mori NH5000
  • Hitachi Seiki HS500, 4 axis, 27x27x27
  • Saeilo Mach4, 4 axis, 20x20x16
  • Saeilo Mach4, 4 axis, 20x16x16
  • Daewoo Model Ace 50s, 4 axis, 32x26x26
  • Hitachi Seiki MG360, 4 axis, 33x28x28
  • 2 X KIA KH63G 4 axis 36, 30.5, 36
  • OKK MCH 600 4 axis

Vertical CNC Machining

Dishon Limited use the following vertical milling machines

  • Mori Seiki MV65, 3 axis, 60x25x25
  • Mori Seiki MV65, 3 axis, 60x25x25 4th axis


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