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EDM Services - Electrical Discharge Machining

Dishon Limited uses both wire and sink EDM services, as well as numerous other advanced machining and manufacturing technologies. These technologies enable us to build components and assemblies that would be impractical or impossible to fabricate by conventional methods.

Dishon’s EDM capabilities allow us to create component features while the part is in maximum hardness condition, which can eliminate the need to Heat Treat and deal with temperature distortion later.

Super hard materials such as Tungsten Carbide can be machined efficiently with the use of both Wire and Sink EDM.
Dishon uses the most environmentally friendly methods available to us. We insist on using copper electrodes in our Sink EDM machining process. Although graphite electrodes are less expensive to produce (due to its machinability and lower raw material cost), the environmental footprint of graphite is unacceptable to Dishon.

If your components are to be built using electrically conductive materials, especially hard materials such as titanium or tungsten carbide, and involve intricate contours and cavities, then Dishon's EDM services will ensure the quickest and most cost-effective production possible.



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