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Since 1980 Dishon Limited has been providing much more than custom CNC machining for our customers. We work closely with you and provide a state-of-the-art machining environment to facilitate the most consistent, reliable, cost-effective components and assemblies. In order to accomplish this, we offer open and interactive communication at every stage of the process.

The seeds for a successful relationship are established when we invest the time to get to know you, and your company’s requirements, up front. Dishon Limited continues to partner with many world class demanding companies in industries such as:

Delivering Complex CNC Machined Components and Assemblies --
On Time and On Budget

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It takes a combination of skills, systems, tools, and experience to ensure a satisfied customer. Dishon Limited has assembled a strong group of talented individuals who have the right combination of skills, drive, attitude, commitment, and imagination to deliver complex CNC machining project on time and on budget.

Dishon relies on 'DORIS' (Dishon Operational Resource Information System) as its flagship enterprise resource planning system, we are able to coordinate all resources, information, and activities needed to complete the business process.


From the standpoint of complexity, support, and pace, manufacturing demands have changed tremendously over the past ten years.
Dishon has selected proven, market-leading products for 3D design, 5-axis simultaneous high-speed milling, Turn/mill 5-plus-axis, and Inspect software for up to 5-axis probing on machine tool and CMM.


Dishon recognizes that the manufacturing environment dictates shorter lead times, smaller batches, reduced tooling/fixturing budgets, reduced labor content, lower scrap percentages, higher accuracy, and the need to automate activities. Dishon has invested and will continue to invest in technology to address productivity at all stages of the operation. Our advanced ERP system, 5-plus-axis CNC machining, and scanning CMM inspect tools are part of the evolving plan.
Dishon limited has added capacity with its new 40,000 square foot facility in Mexico, where we will mirror our philosophy and capabilities.

Inspection Capabilities

The evolution in machine tool accuracy and the precision demanded by our customers have continued to challenge the inspection side of all high-precision manufacturers. We are committed to staying ahead of the curve.
That is why we have added Zeiss CMM Scanning enabled inspection equipment. Zeiss piezo crystal probing/scanning is state of the art, coupled with glass and other material technology that is not affected by temperature change.
Custom CNC machining of specialty materials on multiple axis, mutitasking machinery, as well as capabilities such as microscopic deburring, make Dishon Limited the CNC shop of choice for components and assemblies, regardless of complexity.
We appreciate your interest in Dishon Limited. Please contact us to discuss your custom CNC machining needs.

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Jan.12, 2010
New Facility, Queretaro, Mexico

Dishon is pleased to announce the opening of its new facility in Queretaro, Mexico.
Jan.12, 2010

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New Sales Office, Houston TX

Dishon has opened a new sales office in Houston. See the Contact Us page for details.



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