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About Dishon Limited

Dishon Limited, a leading global manufacturer, is built on the concepts of capability, quality, reliability, and service. Our qualified people, teamwork, commitment to excellence and continuous improvement of our quality management system ensure that we provide products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations consistently.
We partner with advanced technology companies in numerous sectors, including:

Space technology
Aircraft aerospace
Subsea oil & gas
Power generation

In all of these sectors, quality and reliability are essential. Our partners have come to count on Dishon Limited, because we have capabilities such as CNC and EDM, because we consistently produce high-quality, reliable components, and because we provide comprehensive post-sales support, including component kitting.


Dishon Limited offers our clients CNC Turning (Swiss Screw, Bar Fed and Chucking), Milling (Horizontal and Vertical), EDM (Wire and Sink), Grinding, Honing and Lapping. Etc. We have extensive experience in most materials including Stainless Steel (300 Series, 400 Series, 17-4 etc), Nickel Alloys, Invar, Kovar, Monel, Ferrillium, Vespel, Peek, Aluminum, etc. Our state-of-the-art plant, facilities and techniques ensure quality-produced projects at competitive prices.
Dishon fulfills all of your project requirements, whether you require a single part, a family of parts, kitting, or partial to complete assembly.
Our in-house manufacturing capabilities are extensive and include:

CNC turning
Milling vertical and horizontal
Turn/mill multi-axis machines
EDM Wire and Sink

Swiss 5/8" bar cap
Space technology
Diamond Lapping

Dishon also uses state-of-the-art Cad/Cam systems, including Master Cam, Delcam PowerShape, PowerMill, and FeatureCam.

Dishon's efficient ERP system exceeds all documentation requirements imposed by AS9100/ISO 9001.

Quality Assurance

We are a full-service ISO 9001:2000, AS9100, CGD, ITAR compliant facility.

Continuous Improvement

Dishon Limited maintains a Continuous Improvement program that is process driven, relies on data, and focuses on our stakeholders as people with specific needs. We use a team approach and recognize that quality and improvement is the responsibility of every employee.

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